The captioning provider will produce a caption file . For additional details, see our Adding Captions to YouTube page. Zoom has a built-in tool to provide live captioning during meetings. The host must enable the feature in their settings prior to the start of the meeting, and then must turn on the transcription service during the meeting. Note that I was not able to personally test these steps myself; the recording feature wasn’t enabled for the G Suite account I use at work . If you opted for a cloud recording, when you end your meeting, Zoom will show you a message saying that you’ll get an email when the recording is ready.

  • Furthermore, by the leading full GPU acceleration tech, VideoProc processes large and long Zoom recordings without any fuss.
  • Additionally, you can use this process to add short breaks in between these 40 minute sessions.
  • If one of the participants on your call is using an iPhone then getting them to record a regular video clip, through the back/photo camera will give you the best looking results.
  • Just like the recording stuff, although it seems simple, there are still some holes you may fall into.

You can also pre-assign participants to breakout rooms when you schedule your meeting instead of doing it live during the meeting. You can also access your local recordings in the documents folder on your computer. Zoom will create a Folder called “Zoom” with additional folders inside that are date and time stamped. The video files will be called “Zoom_0.mp4”, “Zoom_1.mp4”, etc. Participants or hosts can decide whether to record it or not. These recordings are saved on their respective desktop or on an online storage platform without passwords and participants’ consent.

How Do I Get My Zoom Recordings Back?

Unlike local recording that records the whole meetings in default settings, cloud recording comes with some major configurable options. Below we’ll take a look at some Zoom of the most important ones. The simplest way to prevent unwanted attendees and hijacking is to set a password for your meeting.

How Google Drive + Zoom Integrations Work

While there is no specific rule about where your recordings should be saved, OIT and the CSC suggest saving your meetings locally on your computer, rather than cloud storage. This will give you more flexibility with uploading through Kaltura, as well as more storage space. You likely already use end-to-end encryption in some form or another.

They do recommend that you save the recording locally first instead of sending it right over to any applicable cloud-based storage. Otherwise, you should be able to follow the steps in the article to direct the save right to any folder synced with OneDrive or other storage application. Looking for a handy and perfect online screen recorder for Zoom meeting recording? Wondershare DemoAir is here to fulfill your free online screen recorder needs, which is completely easy and allows you to customize your recordings fully. VLC is undoubtedly one of the best media players ever created because it can play video and audio files regardless of the format in which they are saved.

Once the recording is turned on, the host and all participants will see a Recording indicator in the top left corner of their screen. M3U is a playlist of all the MP4 files saved on the computer. M4A files are named audio_only0.m4a, with each subsequent recording being given a new number. Your Cloud recordings will be listed in the Cloud Recordings tab. If the recording isn’t finished processing, Processing Recording will be listed to the right of its name.

To raise a virtual hand, simply press the Alt/Option + Y keys. Meeting recordings can be downloaded to a computer or streamed from a browser. Here you will learn how whiteboard in Zoom meeting works, and how to use Zoom annotation tools to share your imagination with others. Make sure that you follow the best practices about the input and output device placements and positioning suggested by Zoom professionals. While using a smartphone, ensure that it has enough battery to last at least for a couple of hours, and doesn’t exhaust during the meeting. For laptops, it is advisable to use an average quality headset with a microphone instead of onboard speakers and mic.